To help people with traumas, laboratories are launching experiments to find a way to erase bad memories from people’s brain and apparently, they are starting to get successful.
That makes me think about how memories can affect us, especially the good memories ( I don’t feel like thinking about the bad ones). And so I would like to awake and share my sweetest memories that never fail to warm my heart.

In a random order, I smile when I remember:

– The music playing very loud at a wedding party and a room full of tired children just like me, sleeping around me.

– Slow and lazy Sunday mornings. First, waking up while asking my twin sister: you’re sleeping? Then, going to my parents’bedroom, jumping on their bed and kissing them good morning. Finally watching cartoons with my sisters. Peace before war. (We would surely start arguing about switching to music programmes!)

– The night I met him. His gentle hands, his soft touch, his caressing voice and his deep blue eyes. It felt so natural to hold his hands, to speak to him and to kiss him. I knew him because I had imagined him before and there he was, much more irresistible. I could not get my eyes off of him, he was like heaven to touch and I wanted him so much …. (the song says it all!!!).

I have other memories I treasure, like, sheltering with a boyfriend from a sudden rain, walking home and singing very loud with friends after a night out and the very first time I talked and said I love you to my belly-baby, I was on a bus then…

I love thinking about each and all these sweet memories. What about your most cherished memories?


3 thoughts on “SWEET MEMORIES

  1. Aw 💕😍 what gorgeous memories you have… when I held my baby niece in my hands and thought, how precious, I felt so lucky to be her auntie, her tiny little body warmly nestled against me.
    Good morning and goodbye hugs with my family. How bitter sweet moments reminding me how quickly time passes.
    Blowing over dandelion seeds with my little niece, or making bubbles and having her laugh and run after the floating matter.
    Seeing you again in front of the national gallery after the night you spent with your family and sharing that lovely hug, before we turned into teachers again.

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