She remembered how it all started, his words: not now, please I’m busy … can’t you see? Really sorry but I can’t talk now, we’ll talk later. Ok? And the door, closing on her. She remained there, still.

She couldn’t speak, or think.

She looked at the door and suddenly she walked to the sofa, grabbed her handbag and went straight to the door and out.

In her car, her right hand started the engine while she was holding firmly her bag. She could hear the strong vibrations of the car along with the loud pounding of her heart.

Let’s do it! She had made up her mind.

Her hands searched her bag. Then she took out her lipstick, the red one and her lipliner. She lowered the driver’s mirror and finely started to outline her lips. She didn’t need much makeup, the lipstick would be the finishing touch. A swift final look at her eyes… No going back, now, she thought.

Her fingers tapped the message: café in front of the park 30 mins. She sent it.

Her phone vibrated straight after that. On her screen, a picture of her husband holding her tight when she was giggling.

” Are you in the car? Sorry about earlier, had to finish shaving. I know you want to talk and we’ll talk. I booked that restaurant you like by the lake. Are you ready to go?”


“Yeah if you’re ready, you just need your bag, you can put your makeup en route.”

She hesitated.


“I’ll be one minute.”

She hang up. Her heart started to race harder in her chest. She typed “Forget me, we’ll be fine”, quickly, maybe too quickly as she sent the message to her husband.

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