“Hey, do you realise what you’re doing? … No, you listen first… You’re calling me on my mobile phone, you’re f… crazy? You want her to know? Is that what you want? Tell me.. You want a chat with her? He was angrily trying to keep his voice down and to breathe steadily.

At the other end, the soft voice was apologizing and sounded genuinely sorry. As a result, his anger was subsiding.

It’s ok now…. no, she’s gone… yes I’m sure, I closed the bathroom door on her and just now I heard her slam the entrance door shut…She’s out.

You need to understand, you can’t do that! She’s not feeling good at the moment, a bit depressed, I don’t know… Thinking too much like all of you women! I know I miss you too. Of course, I think of you… But now, I need to hurry, finish shaving and check on her. Make sure she didn’t hear the phone and your voice.. Just promise me you won’t phone again, you wait till I phone you, right? … Now, that’s my girl!

He hang up and quickly finished shaving. He wiped his face on his towel and after a quick look at his face in the mirror, realised how bad his shaving line looked. He mumbled out loud ” where is she?”

He grabbed his phone and called her. One ringing tone, two …, three…Ah I’m happy you’re answering it’s me…

He grinned with relief to his reflection on the mirror as he was talking to her.

” She didn’t hear anything” he knew it.


5 thoughts on “THE GREY LINE

      1. I think there are as many reasons for doing it as there are people who do it. Some are trying to recapture their youth, others maybe feel lonely or trapped in their marriage. Some are just selfish, and a tiny handful perhaps think they’re in love. The question is, which do you think is true for the man in *your* story?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She feels lonely definitely and as for him… I think it’s a mix of all the reasons you mention plus maybe the need to attract women and be part of a “game” of seduction.
        Thank you so much for your insight, I enjoyed trying to be in their heads to try to understand them better. PS: I forgot to answer your question about “trouver l’herbe plus verte ailleurs”, you can also say that “l’herbe est plus verte chez le voisin”. Cheers again! Bisous

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you for filling in a few of the details in my head as well! It’s a wonderful testament to how stories can stoke the imagination. Et merci infiniment aussi pour la petite leçon. Ce n’est pas ma philosophie que l’herbe est forcement plus verte chez le voisin, mais c’est bon en tout cas de connaître l’expression. 🙂 Bisous !


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