Look at me

Look at me

I’m different

I’m lame

Not as beautiful as the others

Not so ugly

Just injured

My sorrow left a trace on my face

It won’t go

It’s a shame


It’s my strength

It’s my story

It’s the reason why


Stop and

Look at me.

I wrote these lines for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #22: Secret Doorway.

I chose the photo prompt. (Poetry Challenge – Write a poem of no more than 20 lines where the first and last lines are the same, taking your inspiration from the photo.)



Summer is great! Especially when you are on holiday and can enjoy spending your time as you wish. Not having to rush somewhere or do something on your list that you “absolutely” have to do.

I feel invigorated by the sun, I feel its warmth and embrace and it makes me feel alive. Yes, I feel alive. Happy and so alive. Happy to be alive. I want to celebrate Life. Its beauty, its vibrancy and its fragility.

Maybe it’s the effect of the books I have been reading (about positivity, relaxation and meditation), maybe it’s my friends and family surrounding me with their love, or else it may be the student I had nearly 10 years ago, whom everybody said would end up spending his life in jail and who is now a professional basketball player in the US (thanks facebook!) or maybe it’s just the sun. Whatever it may be, I decide to keep one word in mind for the next school year: Shine.

In times of doubt and fear: Shine!

It means: show the best of you, don’t stop or hesitate, keep your head up and smile. Smile at yourself, at the person you are and shut that voice that belittle you, be your best friend, loving and caring and patient. Give yourself the trust you deserve to shine.

To my students: Shine!

I will try to reassure them and encourage them to do their best, to be proud of themselves, to stop being too harsh and comparing themselves to others, they are special, they are unique, they can and they will shine.

Promise made 😉

Look up (to you)

When I think of you,

Indefectibly I smile

And I feel proud.

Through the hardships

You stand and fight.

Your most impressive

And secret weapon

Your delicate gentleness.

Let me tell you

your great victory:

Today, I am touched to see

Your precious ones

In their hearts you instilled

the same softness and strength

I see in your eyes.

Please big sista

Keep looking up

And beyond


I so look up to you

So Thank you.

PS: You care so much about us

And always did

So sorry if we forget sometimes to say

We too care dearly for you.




Tell me

How you felt

On that day

Our eyes met

How you dealt

With all the fizziness

in your head.

How your heart melt

When I held your hand

How you couldn’t help

Looking at me

How my lips

(Oh! silly lips)

Couldn’t stop smiling.

I know it felt magic

How our hands and eyes were attracted

How nothing but us existed

That moment was unique

All ours to take

We did

We made it

A promising beginning

And an exciting journey

Our story to tell

Our children

Again and again.

Les mots pour te dire

20170408_153510 20170423_180111

Tellement de choses nous rassemblent

Tant de souvenirs nous unissent

D’innombrables histoires nous soudent

Et scellent nos vies

Nos images se ressemblent

Nos voix se font écho

Et s’allient

Plus fortes

Contre les silences qui s’immiscent

Quelques fois entre nous.

Tes sourires, tes rires

Parlent à mon coeur


Comme une musique douce

S’élance et me porte

Jusqu’à toi

Ses paroles silencieuses

me chantent

La promesse

l’une pour l’autre

de notre présence

L’une à l’autre